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We will be doing more posts about life situations. We hope our experiences will enlighten you, let you know you are not alone, or show you have you can endure just about anything. So keep coming back! Thank you, Friends, Followers, and Visitors!

Real Experiences

Being Adopted

I have said in past reviews that I live with some extraordinary issues. This is one of them. I was adopted when I was 7 days old. My adoptive parents were an older couple. My father was 40 and my mom was 37 when I was brought into their lives. The one thing I am really thankful for is that my mom told me that I was adopted when I was a small child. The book below is the book that my mom used to read to me as I was growing up so I understood my situation. I still have this book. If you are thinking about adopting a child or already have an adopted child, this book is a great way for a young child to understand their situation. This book portrays adoption as a positive experience for your young one.